The mason-wasps. Translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

What a great book. Laugh out loud funny. Nice easy read. Would be a great beach book. Enjoyed it a lot.

John Adams, the statesman of the American Revolution; with other essays and addresses, historical and literary

Very good book, I have never read this author before but will again, very well written and keeps your attention.

The incurable abomination: or, God's asserting, that popery never did, nor will alter for the better; considered in a sermon on Rev. IX. 20,21. With an appendix By Thomas Reader.

This was a good book. You felt for Ella and wanted her to find happiness. It was a quick enjoyable read.

Madame H. P. Blavatsky's Marriage and Travel

What a surprise. Great book from a new author I recently discovered. I cannot wait for the next release from this talented author. Enjoyed it immensely. 5 stars!!!!

The deluge. An historical novel of Poland, Sweden and Russia. A sequel to "With fire and sword" Volume v.1

This is one of the best books you'll ever read . This series touches your heart and makes you feel for the college age characters. I got so tied up in these I couldn't put Definitely a good book to read.

The Rules of Aseptic and Antiseptic Surgery: A Practical Treatise for the Use of Students and the General Practitioner

Great book. Very well written. Just enough humor to lighten the very serious nature of the plot. Nice to have the good guy win but with plenty of suspense about whether or not he would.

OEuvres philosophiques de M. D. Hume, traduites de l'anglois. Nouvelle ├ędition. Volume 4 of 7 (French Edition)

It was okay... need more, they fell in love to quick for me liking. Overall good. Isn't on top of my list of favorite books.

Crowdsourcing For Dummies

Great book!!! I love this series and the fact that there are lots of books in this series!! You'd be crazy to not read this series!!

Hope for the Wounded Soul, Soulcry Book 1: An emotional voice to freedom from shame, confusion, numbness, escape, anger, loneliness, lostness

Such a great book for anyone that is curious about where the resting place is of some pretty interesting influential people.

Loved by God: Trusting His Promises & Experiencing His Blessings

I'm new to pickling and this is a great book. Lots of great ideas for the beginners. And easily followed.

New Zealand Country Map by Hema

This is a great book for young teens to read. It's the beginning of a new series for young readers.

Reproductive System: CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations, Vol. 2

Not her best book. Confusing right to the end. Drawn out at times to become boring. Repetitious which made for a hard read.

Mount St. Helens: The eruption and recovery of a volcano

This is the second in the series and I must say that while being a good book to read it just didn't measure up to what I was expecting when I finished the first. Still worth reading but as they say with a grain of salt since it is not the same intensity as the first. Just starting the 3rd book and so far much better.......

Woman's Life in Colonial Days

If you are like me, you will be amazed at what the blind can see and feel through other senses. An amazing, wonderful book.

Project control standards

It is definitely a five star rating. It`s so well wrote its like your in the story definitely would recommend this to anyone who likes adventures and cat. Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Income inequality in Australia from 1982 to 1993: An assessment of the impact of family, demographic and labour force change (Discussion paper series)

This has to be by far my favorite book in this series. I was very shocked with Amma and I can't wait to read the last novel. In fact I'm starting to read it right now.

Compendium of Election Laws, Practices and Cases of Selected Commonwealth Countries

Beautiful book of many different sea life. The images pop out of the black background. He uses some unusual framing showing different parts of dishes etc. I also like the index in the back that tells you about the various sea life. I wish he talks about how he took the photos

New Life Bible Compact Edition NLT

Great book that is a fast read Good story line that kept your attentionI plan on reading more of this author.

Inside secrets of WordStar 2000 and 2000 Plus

These three stories were the best and most heartwarming books I have ever read. The stories were so compelling and lovely. Makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

Selected Poems of Yankev Glatshteyn (Jewish Poetry Series)

Very good book. I can see why the critics around the world have embraced this story of humanity.After re-reading the conclusion a number of times however I am still in the dark on what happened to the receiver and the young child.I will read more reviews in order to get a better understanding.Overall a great read

Total Rock Guitar: A Complete Guide to Learning Rock Guitar

A great book for lovers of vampire tales. It starts out with murder and has a masterful cliffhanger ending. Captivated has wonderful characters and a story line full of mystery that will make you want to follow the rest of the series as well.

Canadian Community as Partner

This is a great book. Easy read, but a good story. Kept me wanting to read more and more. Would recommend to anyone.

Split Lake Cree post project environmental review

I checked this out from our local library and it was a great book for beginners. Sometimes a little over simplified and things I couldn't do due to HOA but overall not bad. What is best is the graphics and fonts.

In-Cylinder Diesel Particulate and Nox Control 1999 (Special Publications)

The best book I have read on cowboy life. Good run downs on what it was like to work the trails and the ranches.

Pediatric First Aid for Caregivers and Teachers DVD

I love this series of books. We have the first and second volume and I am definitely getting more. My 4 year old loves these versions of the bible stories and reads them herself. Great book!

Yellow Everywhere (Lightning Bolt Books: Colors Everywhere (Library))

Wonderful book. Made me feel that I was there in the stadium, and throughout the entire process. It is a wonderful story about great people, and its TRUE!!Must read!

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: With Selected Statutes, Cases, and Other Materials - 2007

Another quick read book from Amazon free for kindle users. I like the story although it was so short there was little development. Yes erotic romance so know what you are reading but a feel good book.

A Grave Catastrophe

A real good book, a lot of suspense characters were well developed and the plot was well done. Would highly recommend.

Rare Rock: Collectors' Guide

paukl addison need no introduction to those really interested in churchill . his great book churchill on the home front won him awards. he continues here a tradition of excellence.

Rachel's Way (U) (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)

Good book kept me interested the entire time wanting to know what would happen. Good romance novel even shed a couple tears.