Cute, easy to read pattern, with photos. Took less than hour to read and figure out pattern. Would liked to have seen a few more photos, especially of backside. All in all, nice book

Solar Power (Energy Debate)

Another grooming book for my collection. A wonderful book (although not a current 2006/7), it displays great pictures, explores and explains different clipping styles available for poodles. A great book for the beginner to gain more knowledge or a more in depth book for the professional. Black & White print.

Landscape in Embroidery

Cute story and characters, I really enjoyed following the elderly routine of solving a mystery. Nice book. Not scary or weird.

Painted Girl

A must for any Metallica fan. Beautiful book put together really well. Beautiful pics and great stories from the master.

Quickstudy IBM 3.5 Disk: For Human Anatomy & Physiology

This is such a great book illustrating the walk we have with Jesus. Written in the 1600's it is still very true today.

Nutrition for Fitness & Sport 3e

Weil is the first to tell us that doctors don't do the healing, but the body heals itself when taken good care of. All doctorswant is to subscribe medicins. Good book, interesting stories.

Unfinished Battle: American Women 1848 - 1865

This is a wonderful book. Great to have table tops in one book. The one on the front cover is just too cute.


I thought this was a great book, a great story, and it was well written. I'm hoping for a sequel.

Timdis III: Convergence

This is a great book however it has a lot of medical terms and has to be listened too carefully.

A Review of the First Fourteen Years of the Historical, Natural History and (Large Print Edition)

This was a good book. Sexual tension, action, a little bit of everything. What I liked that was different is the fact that the bite hurt. I really want to read the next book.

Plaisir D'Amour: An Erotic Memoir of Paris in the 1920's

Another wonderful, compelling, and 'hard to put down' novel. This is a wonderful book, so well written, and it leads the reader right to a surprise conclusion.

Moral Rhetoric and the Criminalisation of Squatting: Vulnerable Demons?

What a great book. I didn't want to put it down. Had so muchReal life to it. Wonderful story


I read this in 2 days and I couldn't put this down. It was exciting especially when they solve the mystery. Good book!


This is a great book. My two year granddaughter is in love with the Guppies and she thouroughly enjoyed hearing the story read and looking at the pages.

Cross of Lassitude: Portraits of Five Delinquents

This was one of the first books I bought for quilting. I have really no sewing or quilting experience and I enjoyed it. It is very informative and easy to read. I am about to tackle the placemats and the instructions and pictures will be a great help. I think this is a great book for a beginner like myself!

Harcourt School Publishers Math Georgia: Gwinnett County Student Manipulative Kit Level 1 (Math 08 (Ga/Nm))

Great book. Reviews recent and not so recent facts about the way humans perceive value and price products. Overall quite an amazing book although eventually a bit technical and boring for those that are really not in love with the theme. For me it was an amazing read and certainly one taht I will read more than once.

Practice Problems Workbook for Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics

Very good book. Short, simple, easy to understand. The writer, from his own personal experience as a shepherd correlates to Psalm 23. The analogies, explanations, insights & illumination are awesome! He walks us through the Psalm, drawing parallels to Psalm 23 & his life as a shepherd. Encouraging & faith inspiring! I will read other books by this author. He's good!

Earth: Our Home Planet, Second Edition (Scott Foresman ESL Big Books, Kindergarten Level)

This is my favorite Grisham novel, it may be my favorite book. It did come with a big crease in the middle of the spine but was readable.

The Early Mesoamerican Village: Archaeological Research Strategy for an Endangered Species (Studies in Archaeology)

This a wonderful book, written very well. This the first book I ha e read written by this author. I enjoy reading stories like this and everyone should be aware and not ever let this sort of thing happen again!

Exeter Primary Care Trust: Clinical Governance Review

Wonderful book!! Absolutely informative, an easy read, and truthful fact ridden piece of writing, makes me excited to start my low carb experience!


Very good book,the story line is sexy and exciting,the men are strong but kind,action packed,all the things a good book is made out of

Pharmacy Law: Textbook & Review

I had to read it slowly because every page is full of thought provoking revelations. GREAT book! Highly recommended.

Yogurt Cook Book

This is a very good book. I LIKE the section on hitting low points in our lives and creating through them.

The Ultimate Ninja Foodi® Multicooker And Air Fryer Recipes Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals for your Ninja Foodi® Multicooker

THis is one of the best books ever written by Johnstone.Please read this and you won't be well spent


Best book I've read in years. It is moving, uplifting, sad, inspiring and amazing all at once. Incredibly humble, his stories make the reader feel they are right in the trauma bay. Am looking for another one like this or by him.

Youngsters' Guide for Personality Development

it was a good book I enjoyed it . I will be looking for more at a later date . I have been on the go it's that time of the year .

Investigation on the Possible Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Ph and Survival of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus in Meat and Offal from Experimental

This was one of my favorite books I have read all year I loved the characters and the story the real life lessons from love to heart ache to almost murder it had me hooked by the first chapter ended

Kollektive Suizide: Ein vernachlassigter Aspekt der Suizidforschung (Beitrage zur Erforschung selbstdestruktiven Verhaltens) (German Edition)

Hard to be done after so many good books. This was an easy read series that leaves you wanting to read on.


One of my favorite book so far. Not that I didn't love the other book but I just loved the story of Jake and Sophie. It is wonderful story.

Service-Management: Marktorientierung in der mittelständischen Unternehmenspolitik (DUV Wirtschaftswissenschaft) (German Edition)

There are a lot of good exercises and practice units for students to learn and expand their vocabulary. Good book