Whylah Falls

Fun, good book. It as well enough written to hold my attention. Did feel the characters needed a bit more development. Still a good escape all in all considered

Applications Documentation 2001-2002

This is a great series for young readers. It is hard to find good books that are not too hard for 5-7, especially boys. We have enjoyed the Korman books.

Medium format photography

Yeaaaa baby! Jessica brought it! If ur looking for a good book to keep ur attention...get the set. I initially got one book...then two...then I learned it was a set and read all of them...including the two I already read! lol

Teaching in Moral and Democratic Education (Explorationen. Studien Zur Erziehungswissenschaft)

Great book but wished there was a little more. Left me feeling like I wanted more, which is a good thing, but I want more lol

Fabulous Fabrics of the 50s (and Other Terrific Textiles of the 20s, 30s, & 40s)

Well written and researched. Characters were well thought out. Would consider reading another book by this author. Will look forward to more great books from her.

Flowers of the South: Native and Exotic (Enduring Editions)

Great book!!!

Cranium-Crushing Crosswords

Haven't had time to read it yet, but it's guaranteed, by fact of the writer's talent to be a good book.

Life Together and Prayerbook of the Bible (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works) (v. 5)

My least favorite in this set of books but still a great book to curl up and read for those with a good imagination to keep the story line together.

The Philosophy and History of Molecular Biology: New Perspectives, Vol. 183 (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science)

This is a good book for owners of Bengal cats. I found it very helpful to understanding the Bengal breed.

Mexico (Modern World Nations)**OUT OF PRINT**

A good book that held my interest immediately . Loved the characters and story line. It held my attention unti the very end!


This was the best book in the series so far a few typos but all and all a great book. I highly recommended you read the Rozalyn series.

Ten of the Best Adventures on the Seas (Ten of the Best: Stories of Exploration and Adventure)

Awful cover, great book. It was fun, well-written, and with enough interesting characters to keep everything entertaining even when the story got a little thin. It was pretty much like chocolate for the mind.

The Time It Never Rained

Let's be clear. This is a really cheesy pice of pulp. It's not literature by any means and really, it's not a great book. But it's funny, and witty, and ideal for a winter beach trip.

"I'm Not Good Enough"and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves

This beautiful book is packed full of personal experiences with Angels. A great beginners manual for those ready to build their faith in good.

Sound Like Thunder

I read all three of these books and they are all really good books. These were actually my only dragon series. I want to read more of them now I cant wait to read more by this author.

Kaunda on Violence

Such a wonderful book I just love all her books I can't enoughI hope there is many more to come

The Struggle for Equality: Abolitionists and the Negro in the Civil War and Reconstruction

Wasn't what I expected but was a very good read. There are several grammatical errors that at times made it hard to read, but looking past those it was a very good book.

Patterns in Literature, Grade 9 (America Reads)

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. The author does a great job of following two characters through their lives and the different journeys they take. The main character, Joe, is loveable and Kristi, the antagonist, is so horrible you can't help but like her. This is a great book and I can't wait to read more from this author.

Sky Shatter (Breeze Corinth) (Volume 1)

Great book on the human development and how counselors can work with clients in various life stages

Sweet Adventure

This is not one of my most favorite books by Laverne. I guess it seemed a little too modern for my taste.

Life Histories of North American Wood Warblers, Part One

Both books in this set are good. I couldn't put it down. Of course love romance an mystery all make for a good book. The second one was a little to detailed as how she went on and on about a room an all the detailed carving an stuff of that nature. Other than describing everything in detail it was a good book. Will read more of her books.

Methods for Neuronal Recording in Conscious Animal (IBRO handbook series)

another good book in the series however the middle drags on a bit but it ends strong all and all worth the 4 stars

Handbook of Development Economics, Vol. 2

Indispensible book for breaking down the stepping stones & basic concepts of internal medicine, best book for shelf prep. After the shelf exam, I realized that questions I was clueless about were the few chapters I failed to read. Really good at breaking down the beginning level of testable concepts in the vastness of IM.

A Handbook of Greek Mythology

Seriously???I gave it 3 stars because it at least was well-written and had some suspense, but half-way through it became predictable and repetitive. Too many convenient co-incidences. Too many shallow characters. Too much sex and violence. If this is the UK's best book of the year, I hate to think what the second-best must be like.

A Book for Midwives

This is a great book, it really goes over different areas. Some information is common knowledge but still a great book.

R. and D.: Fact & Story Book Level 4: Reading and Language Programme for the Primary Years (R & D)

This novel will stay with you. You'll find yourself thinking about it long after you turn the last page. One of the best books I read in 2008.

Come Back, Dr. Caligari

Not too wild about these books. I really couldn't get into them.They definitely were not my favorite books to read.

Catholic and French Forever: Religious and National Identity in Modern France

Just finished it. It was good and had some exciting things happen but I felt like it was fairly predictable. It was still a good book to read though just not as good as some of her other ones.

Openness of Being: Natural Theology Today (The Gifford lectures)

this was a pretty good book. very similar to most romance novels. not bad; i enjoyed it. i hate that these reviews have to be so long.

Population Biology: Retrospect and Prospect

these were great books were a great series. i'm almost finished reading book 2 . will begin with the third book.