British Butterflies: A Field Guide

Good book like to keep up with what harry is up to.Just finished the leopard ,our old mate holy knock him self around think he needs a bit of r&r; our rehab.

Rule-Following and Realism

This was a funny book. I enjoy her writing. it was a bargain on facebook for a good book. I definitly will read her future books.

Yoga Inc: A Journey Through The Big Business Of Yoga

This was a very good book. I hadn't even realized I could get it in paper, as our library only had an old hardcover. Much easier to hold and read. Very good seller

Houghton Mifflin Pre-K: Audio CD Theme 2 Grade Pre K

What a great book to explain what actually happens within the brain and nervous system to someone who is addicted or using drugs. What a wonderful book filled with tons of knowledge!

Ride Of My Life

It is a okay book it could use more facts about spiders. But anyway this was a very good book.

Rumble Fish

Great book with well developed characters, interesting story that I could not put down. I read many more books then my Hubby only passing on the best for him to read. This was passed on to him and all who ask what books have I enjoyed.

The Rushers

Okay I saw the reviews and was concerned. But being a Ranger fan this turned out to be a pretty good book. Especially when she manages to destroy not one but two of Ranger's porsches:). This is one of the reasons I like reading Janet's books - the humor. Okay 11 is still my favorite, but this will be up there.

Sports Medicine (Cambridge Pocket Clinicians)

I have read a lot of urban fantasy lately, and found it getting somewhat repetitive. Pierced was refreshingly different. As with many good books, the main character (also narrator) makes the story, and Pierce has a truly unique voice.

Case Studies in Microbiology: A Personal Approach

This would be a fantastic book if the pictures were in color, but they are not. Just black and white. What a disappointment! It is still worth getting.

Anthropological Persp on Educ

One of the few books that I have actually bought the sequel in the series for! The first book was so good I just had to see what was going to happen next! Characters are very believable and I really got into the story. Though the end didn't go quite how I would have liked it to, (sometimes I get my own ideas on how a story line should read) it was a great book and I loved it!

Man-Made Radio Noise

this is an amazing book! the mudslide pie is devine and always a hit.thank you for this wonderful book.

Essential Hypertension 2

This is a nice book.good storys,very enjoyable for anyone liking good dog stories who may start off sad but end happy..I just like quick read things during the afternoon on down time and this fills the bill..I dont have time for long storys at this time in my life but still love to read.these quick chapters are just the perfect fix....who doesnt love a good story with a happy ending...well written

Invisible Invader (Executioner)

What a good book, fun and easy to read. I love the way Eve continues on. She is very strong.

Real Skills with Readings 2e & Quick Reference Card & WritingClass Solo

One of the best book I found on the superstar. It was a read that was easy enough for me to enjoy with my son but still interesting for my own taste, with a lot of information on his background that I didn't know. I recommend this as a family read.

Measuring Science and Engineer Enterprise

Good book. Only a Marine would understand it. Glad I got it. I would reccomend it but only to other Marines. They would understand.

Food Purchasing and Preparation

this was a great book, I love vampire book, and I liked this one as wellI would recommend it to anybody that likes to read supernatuaral books!

Francis Picabia Catalogue Raisonné: Volume I (Mercatorfonds)

This is a great book with wonderful characters and a great story line. My only compliant was the size. Finished it in one day. I will buy other books by this author.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France, Queen of England

Great book. Bought it for $2 (daily special). It is a wonderful read. I am buying the rest of series.

Lived-In Architecture: Le Corbusier's Pessac Revisited (MIT Press)

Great book with a beautiful cover. I used it for a research paper, so it was definitely a good buy.

MLA Modern Spanish 3e:Writing

This was a good book with a different historical twist, one that is a time traveler. It makes you wonder about yourself and if you could have possibly lived another life and would you go back, would you stay.

A Handbook for Student Writers and Researchers

Good book! Has you guessing and many unanswered questions!!! Ugh!!! I can't wait for the second one to drop! 🔥🔥🔥

Visitors Welcome

Great book. I could not put it down. Very exciting I loved the characters. I am still thinking about the story.

Good Girls Gone Bad: A Novel

This is not easy listening, or reading, but it is extremely informative and definitely a great book. Excellent, I highly recommend it.

Old Values in a New Town: Politics of Race and Class in Columbia, Maryland

Such a great book! It sort of stood out at the library so I started thumbing though it, and couldn't put it down!!

Holt Algebra 1 Interactions: Practice Workbook Course 1

Well written. The chapters alternate events but easy to follow. Must read these books back to back as you can forget characters. Author does a good job at reminding you. Good book for a middle school reader to adult.

Science Interactions Course 3

Was my favorite book I read in school when I was a kid and wanted to have the electronic version of it.

Turkish Tile and Ceramic Art

A wonderful romantic funny mystery book. The perfect afternoon read with believable characters and plot with twists you aren't expecting. Good book.

Between Jerusalem and Europe: Essays in Honour of Bianca Kuhnel (Visualising the Middle Ages)

This is a great book to share with your kids where you can both learn some really cool things about caterpillars! Some really interesting facts that will get your child excited about learning and these cool creatures!

Chronika eines fahrenden Schulers (Kleiner Druck der Cruzenburch-Presse) (German Edition)

Good book if you have a pilates background. Some of the exercises are hard to understand without some background knowledge.

Existenzgründung als biographische Chance: Berufliche Selbständigkeit im Kontext lebensgeschichtlichen Lernens (Theorie und Empirie Lebenslangen Lernens) (German Edition)

This is a good book if you have the patience for it. I think I'm just way to adhd to concentrate for that long.