Handbook of Labor Economics Volume 1 (Handbooks in Economics)

Good book. Like the story. Some of the wording could be better, but over all I enjoyed reading and look forward to finding out more about Olivia and Alexander.


It's still a great book, and provides great advice and insight into the 20 year old brain! Enjoyed it and gave it to my 21 year old.

Fifty Modern Poems

Clever entertaining novel. Funny, funky handling of characters makes it easy to relate to the situations they are in. Final conclusions are a.rare turn in the plot. A definite good book. Dottiek

Tough guys of pro hockey (Pro hockey library)

Very graphic sex. Will leave you wet and wanting. The whole series is very good. My favorite book so far.

Birthday Wishes (Portraits of Little Women)

This is a wonderful book for anyone that wants to make sense of what has been going on for long around the world. Great research book.


That was the best book I ever read the full story is cool and I know that the best book is a good book. Thank you so much for the best book you guys made.

Re-Presenting Ben Jonson: Text, History, Performance (Early Modern Literature in History)

This is an all around good book. It is well written, entertaining, and captivating. You will enjoy it whether or not you follow football.

A Children's Museum Activity Book: Milk Carton Blocks

This was a good start to a good book. Too short to call a complete book. What happened to the days of writing a full book?

Living with cancer

This should be required text for everyone on the planet that has a brain and can read. This could be the best book ever written IMHO.

Dr.Preston's Daughter (Mills & Boon Medical)

teen fiction is not my favorite genre. the twist at the end was expected but still satisfying. I liked the creep factor of several characters. It's a great book to read in one sitting, or over a few days. The chapter headings were original and kept the story intact in my head

Your Research Project

Amazing, fantastic, wonderful, brilliant, stupendous, and one of the best fantasy books--heck, one of the best BOOKS I've read in a long while.

Turkey-United States relations: Potential and peril : hearing before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, September 19, 1995

already read books. great books. kept me reading all the time to the end. had to get rest too. must read in order.

Side by Side Extra Book 3 & eText with CD

Great...Hardcover as it states..no rips at all! and comes totally brand new so dont worry if you think you will get a used one! Great book too

Quicken 99: The Official Guide (Quicken: The Official Guide)

Great book, fun to read, good ideas, clear instructions. I'm confident that even my first quilt will be a keeper.


I do believe this is one of the best books I have ever read. Out of every genre, out of hundreds and hundreds this would be in my top ten. The story was so engrossing and heartfelt and realistic it was easy to sit for a few hours to finish in one go. I have enjoyed all of her books but this one is by far her best.

Gabeler Marenka - Posing

very good book couldn't put it down. the author told the story very well its factual about the events but not so much that it feels like your reading a report. over all a very good read if your into true crime.

Athenian Calendars and Ekklesias (Monographs on Ancient Greek History and Archaeology)

This was a great book. Especially for it being free I didn't think it was goin to be as good as it was I can't wait to read part 2

Betrachtungen zum Weltkriege: 1. Teil - Vor dem Kriege (Volume 1)

Great book to take to Florida to identify the things found on the beach during those early morning walks.


Very good book!!can't wait to start next one. This whole series is entertaining and keeps us engaged in the story

Lexikon der bedeutenden Naturwissenschaftler: Band 3 (German Edition)

This is a very good book with a lot of beautiful photographs. Good ideas for various types of gardens and gardners, with a practical, useful emphasis that looks at long-term planning.

De sui ipsius et multorum ignorantia =: Uber seine und vieler anderer Unwissenheit (Philosophische Bibliothek) (German Edition)

This is a wonderful book. It keeps you wanting more. The end is not at all what you expect. Very surprising.

Toteninsel: Roman (German Edition)

This is the first cookbook that I have sat and read through the authors ideas as to his way of thinking about food and how to cook it. It encourages you to cook and not be intimidated by cooking but make it a casual and fun thing to look forward to everyday. It has every recipe you would want to cook as well. Great book!!

Supply Risk Management

I work in the mental health field, so the storyline intrigued me. But it was viewing mental illness from a family member's point of view and the sacrifices she made. And yet she found meaning in each day. Definitely a good book to read.

The Advent of Unmanned Electric Vehicles: The Choices between E-mobility and Immobility

Recommend to anyone who likes the psychological twisters. Great book!Required number oh words not needed...simple...greatbook...read it! Interesting and suspense filled.

Fr He Epik Westeuropas Und Die Vorgeschichte Des Nibelungenliedes (German Edition)

Brilliant!!Very funny very sad - enthralling a very good book which I shall read again in the next twelve months.

Jesus de Nazareth (Bibliotheque d'histoire du christianisme) (French Edition)

This is one of the best books I have read lately. The characters are so real and each one tugged at a different emotion. I recommend it to ALL!

Sermons Pour Le Temps Pascal (Spiritualites Grand Format) (French Edition)

This has been one of the best books I've ever read. The story was thoughtful, and free of errors. The storyline was clear and only slightly predictable. I loved every word and didn't want to put it down.

Changing Parks: The History, Future and Cultural Context of Parks and Heritage Landscapes

This was a great book from the cast of characters and it location. A modern day problem of people lost to themselves fighting their own ., whatever they maybe addicted too. The characters evolve and entwined to a page turning ending.

Griffin's Easy to Pronounce French: Phrase Book and Dictionary (Griffin's Easy to Pronounce Language)

Really good book but I am left hanging. Alex a guy that went to college and grew up with money bought a restaurant and making an honest living and enjoying it. Till a women walks in trying to get a job. Alex had no clue Kat would walk in and wanted to get to know her better. But a secret she is holding will come out. Feel like there is more needed. Maybe a second book

The Anarchist Expropriators: Buenaventura Durruti and Argentina's Working-Class Robin Hoods

If you would like to challenge yourself or group in color and design, this is a great book. It's not your typical book with quilt patterns all laid out for you. It gets you thinking about how to do something original with common blocks.