Morgan Le Fay

This was a wonderful book!! Once you start reading you don't want to put it down. Loved the twists and turns.

An Account Of The Manners And Customs Of The Modern Egyptians

Excellent book I'm just sorry that Lala had to die! But overall good book waiting for the the next one keep us posted.

The Warrior

You can tell that this is her first book. It not as tight as her other books but it still a good book.

Lectures on Egyptian Art

Another great book. A very heart felt storyIt is just sad that stuff like this really happens. This has been a very good series and I can't wait to read the next book.

Brown Girls

Great book for machine quilting ideas and inspiration! Well done, beautifully illustrated and easy yet detailed text to read and learn from. Definitely a great addition to my quilting book library.

Deathstroke: The Terminator Vol. 1: Assassins

This is a really good book. Kept my interest all the way. Loved the characters and the realistic storyline. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Latin Primer

The best book series EVER!! I totally loved it. I read it twice so far and plan on reading it again.

Heinrich Heine's Sämmtliche Werke: Vermischte Schriften (German Edition)

this is an xmas present and I hope it is worth the money... got it for my son who loves to cook, bbq and smoke meat so I hope there r some recipes and tips for him to use. it sounded like a good book

Wiener Entomologische Zeitung, Volume 16 (German Edition)

This is a great book!! So heartfelt. The hunger games was probably the best books ever! I would defiantly recommend this to (older) people!

Chronicles of Strathearn. With illustrations by W. B. Macdougall, etc.

4.5 stars. I was expecting a wee bit more turmoil. I mean it is a relationship involving 3 people.Maybe they need a part 2. I have to say this is probably my favorite book of the series so far. Would it be strange for their relationship to work? I think it would be a lot of hard work for Chassie, Trevor and Ed.

A Plan For A Practicable, Easy, And Constitutional Method, Of Manning The Royal Navy: Upon Any Emergency, Without The Usual Mode Of Impressing Seamen

This is a good book to start with however it did drive me crazy every second page there was a whole page devoted to a text ad for the software used for this kindle book. That drove me crazy...otherwise its a good basic book on the topic.

Essai Historique Et Archéologique Sur La Reliure Des Livres, Et Sur L'état De La Librairie Chez Les Anciens (French Edition)

What a great book! It was intriguing and fun to read! It was a light read! definately recommended!

Süd-Indien: Land Und Volk Der Tamulen (German Edition)

I've read several books on detoxes and think this is one of the best. I like the way it's divided into seasons and that it includes suggestions on detoxing the mind as well as the body. Really great book written simply but loaded with information! Highly recommended!

Electing and Ejecting Party Leaders in Britain

Down to you is a great book that has you guessing from the beginning. When you find out what's going on it's a shock. But then there's more to the story and that's where the 2nd book comes in. Can not wait til the 2nd book comes out..

Recent Developments in European Thought; Essays Arranged and Ed

Very, very good book. Very romantic. . Great plot. Keeps you guessing to the very end. . In fact you'll have to get the next book in the series to find out what happens!

La Vérite sur la Civilisation au Congo (French Edition)

I loved Book 2 as much as Book 1. This is a fast paced, entertaining and fun read. I really love the twists and turns. Very good book and author!

Earths in the Universe: Their Spirits and Inhabitants (Life on Other Worlds)

The editorial descriptions really do this beautiful book more justice than I can. It is more than a novel and more than artwork, a wonderful combination of the two on a very searing subject. Buy it, read it.

Another 25 Affirmations to Change Your Life: Bk.1,2

This was a good book. Fun and a who-done-it. There is some good humor and action throughout. The only thing I didn't like was the author focused a bit too much on how the main character was feeling about love interest. I get bored reading the same thing over and over about how a character feels. Otherwise, this was a good, light read.

Police Stress at Work

Ellen shows you how you can eat healthy for very little money..her recipes are great, and adaptable to your own tastes...if your just starting out on becoming Vegan..this is a great book to have.

Dental Prescriber

Another great book in the series

Printing Processes Book 3 (Guide to Basic Print Production Series) (v. 3)

Horses and a romance make a good book to read. Enjoyed it very much. Looking for more of Hebert books.

Background Noise / Ruido de fondo: Poems by Saúl Yurkievich

I loved Scarlett. how could you not? her friends were a bit much. i felt like the story could have developed a little more but a good book.

Selling Out America's Children: How America Puts Profits Before Values-And What Parents Can Do

There was chemistry, drama, love and angst. It was all the makings of a good book. I just felt some of it was a little too over the top as far as what the leading lady went through. Could she suffer any more? But, it kept me interested and I really do love alpha males, so 4 stars!

Don't Sell Me Short (Sundown Books)

The first "quirk" classic I read - and so far, my favorite. It's a run read - Elizabeth is a great character - before and after zombie. I enjoy the twist - we're in the world of the "zombie apocaplyse" so fun to see how we would have dealt with it in the "sword" age. Great book. very enjoyable.

Urban Problems in Sociological Perspective

Best book I've ever read. Hilarious from the first to the last page. A lot of what he says makes perfect sense to me!

Many Thanks for the Things in My Life: A Guide Gratitude Journal (Guided Journals)

always good books

Advertising: Better Planning, Better Results

I agree with the other reviewers. This was a great book. I am happy to see the authors have kept the same interest level in this one as they have in the others, many times that doesn't happen with sequals. Good show, looking for the next in the series.

Advanced Removable Partial Dentures

If you are a beader, do add this to your collection. Lovely designs, great directions. What else can I say about such a great book?

Monodies of Sigismondo D'India (Studies in musicology)

Very interesting book. A look inside Asperger's syndrome. Happy ending - gotta love that! Would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good book to read.

Mastering Discourse: The Politics of Intellectual Culture (a boundary 2 book)

This is a great book. Use this all the time and will need a new one again when it's updated.Thanks