Managing Fragmentation: An Area Child Protection Committee in a Time of Change (Welfare and Society)

Great book with quick, sassy dialogue, but also heart wrenching underlining meaning. Sugar knows how to weave a realistic tale that makes you laugh and cry and then get a little breathless.

The Particle Play

One of my best books ever. I love the drama and romance and seduction and suspense. Such an amazing easy read.

It's My Party: 12 Great Parties You Can Make Yourself

Great book for all ages!

The Fall Of A Sparrow

This is a great book for eveybody, especially around Christmas time! The story has a little bit of everything - drama, mystery, and a happy ending. It also provides a bonus at the end!

Over the Hill Game Book

It was a good book, but not one that I could not put down. The "drama" was expected - due to their religion and upbringing. I did like the characters - but they were not compelling enough to really get in the story.

Fanni's Viennese Kitchen: Austrian Recipes & Immigrants

Shane has an amazing way of connecting everyday events with biblical truths. A great book for the uninitiated though some may struggle with his simplified theology.


This was a new author for me. I was pleasantly surprised. I was intrigued b from the beginning. Certainly a great book!

The 2007-2012 Outlook for Dyed Rayon, Acetate, and Lyocell Yarns Not Spun or Thrown in the Same Establishment in the United States

I thought attic fire was a pretty good book. The characters I really liked and I enjoyed watching Jack come out of his shell. I gave it 4 stars because at times the story slowed down a little to much for my liking but on the whole I enjoyed it

The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science (Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology & Behavioral Science) (V.1 - 4)

This is a good book and kids love trying new things with our three pet rats. Have already taught to jump

Mastering System Identification in 100 Exercises

Poor binding, great book. Fast shipping. Will not last long even though we are gentle with books bc we read a lot. Great educational book.

Shiatsu Theory and Practice: A comprehensive text for the student and professional, 2e

this is a great price and wonderful book and storyline. this loads well to a smartphone and tablets. I would recommend

Second Shot (Fbi Thrillers)

Great book. Clear, concise, beautiful prose. You feel like you're at 30,000 feet with the fighter pilots, stunned by the beauty of the sky, waiting for the enemy to appear through the clouds, waiting for a fight to the death, preferring it to being on the ground. Like matadors waiting for the bull to enter the ring. I felt like I was in the cockpit with these men.

Introduction to Radioecology

This was an amazing story with amazing details. It was one of the best books of the series.

London (A Holiday magazine travel guide)

One of the best books I've ever read. Incredibly detailed history about the family, the place and the time.So thoroughly researched and so well written. I grieve for plain Charlotte, who would have given her genius to be pretty.

Integration in Hilbert Space . Ergebnisse der mathematik und Ihrer Grenzgebiete Band 79

I think this was a good book, but I can not remember it now. It has been about two or three months later.

Home wine making -- all the year round,

Good book. Keeps you turning the page. Interesting characters. I would definitely recommend it. Not sure I loved the ending, though.

Touchstones: v. 4 (New School)

Not his best effort, but a good book to read on the beach. Lots of twists & turns in our poor detective's life.

Subsidy Regulation and State Transformation in North America: The GATT, and the Eu (International Political Economy Series)

You know this has to be continued with more books, much going. Good imagination brings to life a great book to read.

Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling (Financial Times)

If you really want to be a organic gardner, this is a great book. I, on the other hand, am really only looking into added a few parts of organic gardening to my current gardens. It's a huge book with alot of information in it.

Friendship as Sacred Knowing: Overcoming Isolation

I liked the novel. It was an easy read, and interesting sequel to the previous great book in the series.

De Anima: Books II and III (With Passages From Book I) (Clarendon Aristotle Series)

Shakespear's Trollop was really good. I've read all the Shakespear books now and I can buy into the character Lily. I couldn't buy into her at first, but she's won me over. This is a good book.


This was a great book. I would recommend this to all of my family and friends. Must read. Jill and Davis

Metamorphosis and The Judgment (Classic, 20th-Century, Audio)

Great book and great price. I saw this way of peicing at a quilt guild meeting nd was hooked. Thanks for the outstanding service!!

Solutions to exercises in Chemistry, the central science, 2nd edition

This is a wonderful book, a memoir of a remarkable life. The early sections, describing his childhood escape from wartime Europe and his subsequent US adoption, are incredibly affecting.Highly recommended.

Finite Element Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flows: A Guide to Theory, Practice, and Algorithms (Computer Science and Scientific Computing)

This is just one of Maria's great books. It is filled with extremely tasty recipes that are easy to follow. It's grain free, sugar free, low carb. It also compares her version to store brought items. Absolutely love it. Maria's blog and Facebook page are great too. Will be purchasing her other cookbooks and highly recommend to others.

King Solomon's Mines (Vintage Classics)

Never have I read a story that is so compelling. It was really a page turner. I couldn't stop. It had me on the edge of my seat at all times!!! Wonderful book just wonderful!!!!!

The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language (Gift Classics)

i thought this was a great book. and i love the series! this one didn't seem to reveal as much as some of the other books, more or less a story, then the end adds something to the big picture. the other books seem to give more of the big picture overall. but still liked it.

Allied Coastal Forces of World War II: Volume II: Vosper MTBs and US Elcos

Great book. Good concepts that I used to raise my fine boys. They use some of these concepts to raise their kids also. Common sense stuff that you wonder why you didn't 'already know!

Lord of Mess: My Head Is a Visual Township [With CDROM]

This is a really good book if you are going to travel to Israel.I found so much to help me. I have now taken the trip and am goingover some of the things written. It was surprising because I was able to meet the author before the trip and he gave me many pointers. He is remarkable.

The Certification of a Reference Material for the Determination of Oxygen in Semiconductor Silicon by Infra-Red Spectrometry: Crm 369

Great book. I have read all of the Quinn books and they all have been great. The author stays with the plot from start to finish.