Religious Movements in Medieval India

A good book, but not great. Interesting storyline, but it wasn't really fleshed out enough to grab my interest all the way through. Was pretty predictable I thought.

Die Leidenschaft des Pokerns: Wie es geht und warum es so viele Fans hat (German Edition)

This is a good book. Lots of good ideas for using scraps and clothing. Simple to read directions.

Magnetoresistive RAMs - A Device & Circuit Level Perspective

Follows her typical pattern but end on a cliff hanger good book though would recommend it to the faithfully readers

Ein Beitrag zur Erhöhung der Reichweite eines batterieelektrischen Fahrzeugs durch prädiktives Thermomanagement (Wissenschaftliche Reihe Fahrzeugtechnik Universitat Stuttgar) (German Edition)

Don't read if you do not want to know ending. It was a great book but the reason for two stars was the ending. After all they went through she will not remember him at the end and also the author does not bother explaining the portal n why it was their our clear on how it work.

Kinder Und Kommerz (German Edition)

Great book.

Darm und Peritoneum. Hernien (Spezielle pathologische Anatomie) (German Edition)

Thanks for the free book. If you are just beginning this would be a great book for you to have.

Tokolyse und Betamimetika (German Edition)

It was an ok book but I think from the beginning I knew the ending. I think this is geared toward a teenage reader. Those just starting their life in romance. It would be a good book for group discussions in a teenage reading club.

Shofar: History, Technique and Jewish Law

This kept my attention. It was interesting and flowed well. It did take me back to a much younger time in my own life and thus I believe it would be a good book for a teenager to read also.

Complete and Systematic Concordance to the Works of Shakespeare: Substantive Variants v. 9

It's a great book to help you discover your style. I'm not the kind of person that wants to wear heavy make up, nor do I have the time to, so with just a few minutes and a few tricks, I can still look my best and feel like myself

Rebellische Küsse

Good book but not long enough looking forward to the continuing story of Dan and what he is up to as well as the other characters from the previous books.

Quitter Le Monde (French Edition)

Very good book , I totally enjoyed it. It kept my attention , very interesting. Reading this made me feel like I was there

The Alchemy of Change: The key to the future lies in the past (Business On-The-Hoof Series)

This is a wonderful book and well written. It is easily used in elementary curriculum and would make a great addition to the classroom.

Tolley's Tax Computations 1998-99

to me this was a very good book - it went into greater detail about the new powers the fae are getting and the ending was a little cliff hanger - i am looking forward to the next book in this series , the one drawback tho is it is a very short book. i finished it in 2 hrs


This is a great book for anyone who wants to build their vocabulary and retain it. The author uses different contextual examples that will make it very easy for students to learn and retain important words.

God's Unfinished Business: Evolution of Humanity

This could have been a great book, but it really was lacking any real spice. I love a good hot romance with a hot cop, but this just left me flat and wanting more. The author had a great idea but really did nothing with it. I gave it 3 stars because it started great, but then fizzled.

Hell's Acres (Linford Western Library)

A nice book to check state by state to see what's available out there for vacation planning with your family.

Money, Investment and Consumption: Keynes’s Macroeconomics Rethought

I think this is her best book yet. So full of emotion, love, caring, and community.Looking forward to the next book.

Alarm Call (Oz Blackstone Mysteries)

Not one of the best books in this series. Wasn't really able to keep my interest . Too much crazy activity with Bart for my liking. Hope the next book in the series is better

Variations on a Gregorian Theme

Great book. I have always been a fan of izzy I'm glad he found love. Can't wait until part 2 .....

The Night Train (Platinum Readers Circle (Center Point))

Easy enough menu options, and how could you really go wrong when reading the Bible! Great book, a must read for all.

Collecting China: The World, China, and a Short History of Collecting

This was a good book. I have enjoyed reading it . Hope to read more about the characters and find out what happens.

Teacher's Discussion Guide to One More River to Cross

I love modern romances, this is a great book!! I think most single girls could relate to this one! I haven't been single in 15 years but as my niece is approaching 21 I think sometimes girls can look past what is right in front of them because it isn't what society thinks is right, or they don't think they are good enough. Great eye opener for anyone.

Age Called Blue

Rennaisance W OmanGreat book for anyone designing a garden that is wildlife friendly or who wants to add to the number of birds that some. Excellent descriptions and lists of plants to use. I wish I had had it when I started my yard. Very good ideas for architectural plant structures and groupings of plants. Wonderful housewarming gift for someone starting in a new place.

Tunisian Around the Home (Annie's Attic: Crochet)

Another good book in the series. Interesting to continue to follow the same characters in a different situation. Good read.

Heart for the Gospel, Heart for the World: The Life and Thought of a Reformed Pioneer Missiologist, Johan Herman Bavinck, 1895-1964

This was a good book that made you want to know what would happen in the future with the characters.

Coyotes (Backyard Animals)

Good book about how God heals through forgiveness. Unforgiveness allows others to control your life. God wants to set you free through forgiveness.

Libertarian Communism

Loved it. Was a great book and could hardly put it down. Such an awesome proposal, definitely had tears in my eyes.

The Best Ever Book of Baby Names for Pilots: 33,000+ Names for Your Baby That Will Last a Lifetime

good book I like the characters and the situations they get into. Very easy reading A fun summer novel for the beach or pool

Ulysses Moore: The Long-Lost Map (Ulysses Moore Series)

Great book. A complex world with a complex plot, where the main protagonists learn about who they are while they slowly learn the truth about their political leaders and their home world's religion.

In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan's Life

This was a very good book! I just wished it didn't come to an end. When the next one comes out I will be right there to purchase it! I'm not a young adult and I loved it!