Sonny, A Christmas Guest

This is by far the best book on cs5 after effects, for a general after effects user doing something significant. The example data is great too btw(i had no problems getting or using it).


This was a very good book and series so far. Can't wait to see if there we will be more in this series s.

To establish an energy program for the United States that unlocks the potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and for other purposes.

good book, enjoyed reading the story by jilllian hart, was disappointed int the other two books. just didn't meet my expectations


What a great book, I couldn't put it down. Great characters. It's so full of emotion from the beginning to the end! I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Parallel chapters from the first and second editions of An essay on the principle of population, 1798-1803

The editor needs to be fired!! an unbelievable amout of misspelling but the story line is great. As a US marine years ago i spent alot of time with our Recon guys i also have a cousin that spent 4 tours with Recon in Vietnam and these stories verify many i have heard from him. very good bookSemper-Fi

Masonic Symbolism

This was a great book and an easy read. It was light, clean and funny. Had a great mini mystery in it and honoured God as well.

Irish Religious Conflict in Comparative Perspective: Catholics, Protestants and Muslims (Histories of the Sacred and Secular, 1700-2000)

Great book

Aplia(TM), 1 term Printed Access Card for Babbie's The Basics of Social Research, 6th

Hope to see more from this author. Great book.

Outlines of Jainism

A great book well written. This is my four book by this author.I really enjoy the series it has suspense, love, and unexpectedThrilling events. I read some of the other books in the series first so l New some of the outcome I will continue to read the next book. It held my interest and l did not want to.put it does

Sentimental Journeys

Remember to be ready to go through the grief and touch on things that may be hard. A great book to share with a circle of like minded women. I joined a wonderful group on yahoo called motherlessdaughters and they lifted me up and I lifted them up. The group owners name was Vicky if you ever get a chance.

Blues to Blessings: from Fearful to Faithful

Great book! It really sucked me in. I can't write a long review now... I have to start book two!

Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures Volume 1 TP (Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Adventures)

Was a good book for use at our summer church camp. The kids liked it and it kept their interest. We read it after taking a nature hike.

Comhra Na Dtoun: The Conversation of the Waves

Great book complementing Abby s side and adding a little more omff! Recommended for anyone looking for a bit of everything.


Good book if you're into this genre. I read it in one setting. The main characters were like able and "active". The author leaves us two bonuses which was very thoughtful.

Terman and the Gifted

A good book to have in any home if you are interested in building a good pc for almost any type of use.

In the Footsteps of the Opium Eater

Best book I've read in a while. The author's story is extremely relevant to our times and his writing flows very well.Loved it!

Play in Childhood (Classics in Developmental Medicine)

This is another great book about the ecology of seahorses and how that ecology was uncovered. It's a great book for students because it shows how scientists do their research. Who wouldn't want to go scuba diving with seahorses?

Learn from the Masters (Classroom Resource Materials)

Karma gets it revenge. LOL!!!This was a feel good book. Worth rereading.Takes place on a cruise ship and it gets steamy.

Accent on Gillock Volume 5: Early Intermediate Level

This was a really good book and I am very glad I bought it. Hopefully it is a part two because I will be reading that as well.

Theatre, Brief Version

Good book.

The State of Black Michigan, 1967-2007

This is a great book about the cowgirl next door. It has just the right about of lovin parts with the right story line. A must read if you love modern western romances.

Computers and Society

What boys love to read about worms and what girls sqirm about it? Great book for group reading or independent reading.

The How and Why of Socialism

I have really enjoyed this series. The characters are the type you care about and hold your breath to see what happens to them. I couldn't quit reading, which it my litmus test for a great book. :-)

Refinishing Old Furniture

This was an exiting thrilling story that taught many values. This was a very enjoyable book that made the reader reluctant to stop reading. It has many fantastic characters and they are all unique A fantastic book and a worthwhile read!

Fuel Injection Systems Training

This may be one of my favorite books ever! The story is amazing right from the start and flows fantastically all the way to the end! The plot and characters are believable. The story although sad at times will leave you with a good feeling. I would love to see this as a movie!! Definitely will read more of this series!

Pattern Recognition: Applications to Large Data-Set Problems (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

The events are described so well that at times I found it so very easy that I felt I was there.How he put together all of the characters and the events of each day is breath taking. The lives that were lost and the uncommon valor that was displayed by each and every Marine, was outstanding.Great book, very very good writing

The Neighborhood of "IS"

This wonderful book is a must read for anyone looking for comfort from our troubled times.

Farm Magnet Book (Farmyard Tales)

This was purchased as a Christmas gift. The receiver was greatly surprised. A wonderful book about a true Texan, who happened to be a governor as well! How we miss her in politics.

The Civil War: A Narrative, Volume 3: Red River to Appomattox

This is a great book - I am amazed at how simply he explains the concept. Can't wait to finish reading it. :-)

Dancing Like a Star: 32 Ballroom Dance Lessons

I purchased this for my friend's son. He is 10 years old and loves this series. He was so excited to get these books. I will be purchasing more in the future for him. These are great books for all kids. They are easy to read yet challenging enough to keep their interest as they get older. The price was great for the set and delivery was quick. I am very pleased.