Ma première machine à coudre: J'apprends a coudre : ` le guide pour enfants (French Edition)

This was a great book. Long enough to keep your interest. I had to keep reading to see what happens. It was a good adventure for someone with time to read it.

Brain Stimulation and Language

This was such a great book. It made me fall in love with instantly. The chemistry feels real and the characters are mature.

The Writer's Guide to Copyright, Contract and Law: How to Enjoy Your Rights as an Author and Comply with Your Obligations

This storyline was very predictable and just okay. The storyline lacked enough of a plot and storyline. that I gave up trying to find one. Not my favorite book and probably won't read it again.

Betrayal: Where the Heart Lives

Really good book - couldn't put it down. Loved the strong female lead character! Highly recommend! Good mystery with love story.

The Evening Hour: A Novel

Great book filled with tips. Very down to earth and practical. I'm glad I ordered it and am sure it will be useful.

How Does It Sound Now?: Legendary Engineers and Vintage Gear

I was surprised at the negative reviews; this is a good book with an authoritative voice. With an entertainment industry throwing us the flimmsiest of plots, this one does fine. I look forward to the next book and appreciate the characterization and the faculty interplay.

Ice Run (Alex McKnight Series)

This is a great book. I hated for it to end. I would love to find other books by Larson.

Pineapple Doilies (Leisure Arts #75013) (Leisure Arts Little Books)

I always like the read these books when I want something light and it did the trick. I quite liked the storyline although it was a little far fetched! All in all a good book if you're after some chick lit.

Nibbling on Einstein's Brain

who doesn't need one...omg this was a great great book, highly recommend it...You can't go wrong with the twist and turns...

Embroidery Stitches: Over 400 Contemporary and Traditional Stitch Patterns

I was hoping it would have been a longer book to read but unfortunately it was super short! Especially the part when they got married...I was waiting for a conclusion like reaction of Anna's friends when they found out she's getting married. Great book in general but that's why I gave 4*

The Encouragement of Peter: 187 Meditations in First Peter

This was a fantastic book. Can't wait to start book 3. This is an amazing series. Just like book 1, I couldn't put it down. I am not one to give away spoilers so you will just have to take my word for it. I highly recommend it!

Football Weekly Planner 2016: 16 Month Calendar

An amazing novel by an equally amazing author!!! I can highly recommend this and rate it as one do the best books I have ever read !

The Taming of the Shrew

Uthred is back to the services of Wessex and he is more fearsome than ever! This is, by far, the best book in the series after the Lords of the North :)

The Catholic Formulary In Accordance with the Code of Canon Law (First Instance Marriage Nullity Acts) (Volume 3)

This was a good book and I was surprised with a twist at the end. I would recommend it for romance readers like myself.

Rascap & the Pirates

Fantastic book. The author does a great job of explaining tremendously complex financial structures and of disentangling the web of events that culminated in Ackman's vindication. Hard to put down.


A great book. Bringing to life the helplessness and the frustration of kids caught in war madness they didn't fully understand.

The Art Of Blending And Compounding Liquors And Wines

Great book, delicious recipes, a must have book for anybody who is in to healthy nutritious green smoothie making. Great book!

A Tweet A Day: 365 Awesome Twitter Ready Quotes

Explained ok, seemed to be accurate to a certain point. Author makes some good points in observation, definitely worth the read and purchase. Make sure to read more than one time and fully understand then practice and read again. Pretty good book over all

Financial Fitness for Freelancers: How to Survive and Thrive on an Irregular Income

This is a great book and I think it is good reading for all. No doubt it will be enjoyed.

How to Upholster and ReUpholster Furniture

It is a really good book and it presents someinteresting receipes.However a few of the recepies were common ones.

Whatever it Takes: The true story of a fan making it into the NFL

Jack is a hard worker and a guy who knows he's good looking and gets one night stands due to not wanting to feel anything until Belle just happened to catch his eye and needed some help. He fell for her and liked it. Until he was trying to hurt his father and ended up hurting Belle and himself. Wonderful book loved reading about Jack.

Experiencing LeaderShift Application Guide (Book & DVD)

very good book for enjoyable reading. This is a very good book for the fiction reader to enjoy. It keeps you interested and the plots are suspenseful

The Argosy (Vol. LI, No. 5, May, 1891)

Hats off to McLarty for writing a thoughtful, entertaining, all around good book. Although not much more than a coming of age story where the underdog wins, McLarty's style is crisp, tasteful and dare I say refined. His characters are likeable and the story never drags. This is a good example of a well written book that will appeal to a wide variety of readers...enjoyable on many levels.

Angling Talks; Being the Winter Talks on Summer Pastimes

This is a heart warming story of love and forgiveness. It's nice to see that there are more great books with great family values.I

Samuel Adams (American Lives (Heinemann Paperback))

It starts off as pretty dull, but it gets a lot better as you read it and you'll want to finish it to see what happens. Was a good book to read while commuting on the train.

Introduction to the Study of North America Archaeology

I enjoyed the audio version of this great book. The author captures, totally, the way a teen-aged boy reasons. Monroe's irreverent comments are hysterical! This is a must read!

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1803: Explorations, Volume 37

A nice book. A snack or a light meal no banquet but entertaining Too simple, I need more complexity of character or plot.

Petite Encyclopédie Des Proverbes Français: Recueillis, Annotés Et Publiés (French Edition)

A great book club read as we went backwards and forwards about whether the girl was real or just a figment of imagination.

To amend the Truth in Lending Act to enhance consumer disclosures regarding credit card terms and charges, to restrict issuance of credit cards to students, and for other purposes.

Great book, really enjoyed the story. Wish there was more dialogue in between the long descriptions.

Edmund Dulac's fairy-book: fairy tales of the Allied nations

this was a good book from start to finish and would say yes if asked about it also told friends a good read to keep you guessing