Amadis en francais;: Essai de bibliographie (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 472. Selected essays and texts in literature and criticism, 190) (French Edition)

good book. fast paced and exciting. knew what was going to happen, but couldn't put it down until the end.

"The Spirit That Gives Life": The History of Duquesne University, 1878-1996

This is a good book. I love to learn all I can about any home remedies. Remedies like this might be all you have to fall back on, one day.

Late Thoughts on an Old War: The Legacy of Vietnam

This is a fun and fascinating collection of essays from a great communicator. Tyson does a great job of engaging a disparate audience without alienating anyone. If you are more knowledgeable about astrophysics, his writing style is enjoyable, but those with less knowledge will learn much without being swamped. This is a great book for the nightstand or to give as a gift.

How Participatory Evaluation Research Affects the Management Control Process of a Multinational Nonprofit Organization

this is probably my most favorite book out of the series, even though they all were great books! I love Ethan and Brynne and I hated to see it end but I'm very content. I can't wait to read more from this author.

Tainted Earth: Smelters, Public Health, and the Environment (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine)

This was the last in that series and like the others its chaotic. When the plot comes together it gets really good, which is what attracted me to the next in the sequels. The profanity was a disappointment. With good books I mark them to reread at a later time but I deleted this series.

Emily Hamilton and Other Writings (Legacies of Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers)

If you have a open mind this is a good book to read. The author explores a new type of world in which everything that we think is right is perceived as wrong and what we think is wrong is alright to do. Sex is done openly and eating foods with flavor is considered wrong and unlawful. You must use your imagination while reading the story but it's still a good read.

Modulating Gene Expression by Antisense Oligonucleotides to Understand Neural Functioning

this is a great book, full of ideas, recipes, everything you need to know about this fun dessert. A must have to your book collection!!

PC Help Desk in a Book: The Do-it-Yourself Guide to PC Troubleshooting and Repair

This was a fast read light and funny, not a great book but ok. If you like lite reading then I would order it.

Moustaches for the Modern Gentleman: A Perpetual Wall Calendar

a great book for what is was meant to be...a poignant reflection on rumi by two of the great post-modern "rumi-ists" !if you want pure rumi, then go for one of the pure collections. our other reviewer must have thought this was something else. obviously.

By Gun and Spur (Thorndike British Favorites)

Enjoyed reading but there was no surprises. Still I would read it but only once. Left no lasting impressions that would make me remember it. To me a really good book is one that I can instantly recall.


Great book. I love the whole series and have already preordered the next book. They are all so very good.

Elementary: The Life of Basil Rathbone

Great book. Well written and enjoyable from beginning to end. This is a lovely book full of great moments which leave you feeling good after you put it down.

This Rough Game: Fasicm and Anti-Fascism

This was a wonderful book. I loved how she was tough as nails in her job but was all girly with Jake, Loved how they got their HEA.

History (Science Connections)

I enjoyed the story and the way it was written. I liked the way the story played out. I thought I had it figured out, and I did somewhat, but it wasn't exactly as I imagined. Good book


Another great book from Abbi! Read this steamy novel in a day! Can't wait for the next book in this series! Too bad these characters are not real, I'd move to rosemary if they were!

Contentious Curricula: Afrocentrism and Creationism in American Public Schools (Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology)

One of the best book i have ever read. it should have more than only two chapters in the preview.

Rivka's First Thanksgiving

A good book it really makes you want to cry at several points. It's defiantly a great read. Still want to see America win.

Fallible Fiend

wonderful book which will have absorbed, properly presented for kindle this great book is one of my all time faves, really gets you in the head of anna karenina. brilliant.

The Foreign Quarterly Review: Volume 23. April and July, 1839

It was a very good book to read. Full of love ,excitement and a very nice book to read on a dreary day.

Massachusetts State Map

My kids are young adults and this is a great book for them to read as they start their lives. It would also be good for someone who is starting over financially as well. It is well written and really give a lot of good ideas for financial growth. Definitely a good read!

Zimbabwe (Enchantment of the World)

fantastic book, once you start its hard to put down, great insight into horrors of pow camps. a must read book

Grey Lensman

kMy favorite book lever beautiful and I have not been able to share with the weirdestbook everplease read it

General Statistics 4th Edition with SPSS Student Version 10CD for Windows Set

Without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read. Sorry it took me so long. A long read but well worth it.

Comp bk natural/med j

Affirmations are a powerful concept. They are deeply motivating and get you to do things you'd otherwise avoid. This is not the best book on affirmations that I've read, but it is certainly worth 4 stars.

Notes on Sean O'Casey's "Juno and the Paycock" (Study Aid)

very good book, intriguing, well thought out, has romance, suspense, and interesting plot twists. definitely recommend for any book lovrs.

A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran: Comprising Sale's Translation and Preliminary Discourse: Volume II (Volume 2)

One of the best books Patterson has written and the three Privates I have read are extremely interesting with great characters and fascinating locations.

Postcolonial Studies: A Materialist Critique (Postcolonial Literatures)

I read this with my book club. The title is a very appropriate. This is a little book packed with lots of layers. Great book for discussions.

On Her Guard (Protectors)

Yo by looking at the cover who would knew that this would have been a great book!!! Wonderful!!! V is a fool . A great read.. Real stuff

Home Scientist: Factbook (Piccolo Books)

Nice read. Enjoyed the storyline. Characters were well developed and believable. Good book to take to read on vacation. Easy to pick up, read a chapter and put it down until you have time to read again.

Soho Square (Her The performers ; book 4)

Wonderful book. Amazingly well researched and illustrated. Perhaps some of of the descriptions are redundant and could have been left out. We don't need the author to tell us if a cover is one of the most striking or not.