Women's Buddhism, Buddhism's Women -- Tradition, Revision, Renewal

Haven't go to it yet but I own all of Karen's books and I know she's a great writer I have read some of her books she very good. I'm Telling was a great books. Thanks Ann

A Woman and Her Emotions: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Brothers and Bones is a great book filled with characters that pop. Some are lovable many are despicable to put it mildly but all are well defined and play their roles perfectly. I enjoyed reading this and will read more of this author's books.

Who's Who in Alaskan Politics: Biographical Dictionary of Alaskan Political Personalities, 1884 -- 1974

It was a good book about how smart someone with autism could be.I however think it wasn't good to be called a Childrens book. The f-word was used again and again. There were blashphemys and graphic depictions of being in the bathroom.I don't recommend it.

Embracing a Beautiful God

Awesome book. I love it so much. I really want to read more of this wonderful couple. Great book as always.

Semiconductor Memories: Testing and Reliability

Another great book by this wonderful author. I have enjoyed this story as much as all of her others. I would highly recommend!

Beauty And The Beast

It's a pretty good book, but no real surprises. It has the same premise as the others, but it's a decent story.


Great story, compelling. Read it in one sitting. Lots of wonderful inside information about the circus, elephants, the 1930's. A wonderful book!

Special Operations: Weapons and Tactics

all i have to say is that it was the best book i have read and i can not wait for book # 2

Como cuidar mis dientes / Taking Care of My Teeth (Cuido mi salud / Keeping Healthy)

If you are looking for a small town with like able characters, then this it. Simply written, it's a fast read. A good book to snuggle at night with a cup of hot chocolate.

Exploring Psychology 6E P and Study Guide and Hidden Mind and Psychinquiry

A really good book, very well written, interesting, the descriptions of the scenery made me feel I was there. A wonderful way to make an old fairy story seem real.

Abelardo Morell

Best book of the series. The old man gets the young girl. The sexual content was clean. Loved how she wrote the facts with fiction.

Sister to Jane

It was one of the best books that I have read ever. I can't wait until the rest of the series to come out.

Gremlin Grimoire

This was a great book. It really gave insight into Patrick and Lisa that I was never aware of. What a humble and lovely couple they were...best of luck Lisa.

Solutions Manual for Recursive Methods in Economic Dynamics

A good book fast paced and exciting. It felt rushed but I enjoyed it enough to want to follow up with the next book

Putting The One Minute Manager To Work

My six year old granddaughter reports that this is a wonderful book. Her mother confirms it. This is the second book by Pennypacker I've given to her, and her response to both has been great. She loves books and I just want to keep feeding her need to read.

The Cambridge Companion to Eighteenth-Century Opera (Cambridge Companions to Music)

classic fantastic four tales by jack kirby and stan lee - wish I still had the original comic books, but this is almsot as good. great book at great price, delivered on time

Policy-Making and Diversity in Europe: Escape from Deadlock (Theories of Institutional Design)

Great book, lots of helpful information. Gave it to my future daughter in law, and she found it to be helpful as well.

It's Not Where You Start, It's Where You Finish!: The Success Secrets of a Top Member of the Mary Kay Independent Sales Force

A great book for a beginner student that has finished the first edition, is written very well. The shipper shipped fast and was as described.

Oedipus (Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World)

What a great book with a surprising ending. Never saw the twist coming, reminds you that you never know what twists and turns life holds for you and your loved ones.

Basic Writings: Martin Heidegger

Submerged had all that is necessary to be a good book. Mystery, romance,humor, and enough excitement to keep me from taking my usual afternoon nap.I liked this authors style so I just ordered another of her books.

Golf Courses: A Guide to Analysis and Valuation

Great book. Fast paced but it's a cliffhanger. The story ends right in the middle of the plot. But, It's sets up the next book I'm the best way.

Impact of Legislation, Enforcement, and Sanctions on Safety Belt Use

Good book, very easy read. Not complicated, but exciting, yet SWEET and HOPEFUL. Relaxing, and enjoyable, something to relax and just enjoying reading.

Calculus for Business

The author attempted to build every single variant in every theater and army that the sherman served with. The fact that he built some 50-60 tanks and is still missing some goes to show you how widespread sherman use has been worldwide. Highly recommended, well researced with some building suggestions to boot. Really nice book.

Embracing Fear: and Finding the Courage to Live Your Life

A little drawn out to me at some points but a great book over all I give it 4 stars

Financial Accounting: An Introduction

This was a great counting book for my preschoolers during our Zoo unit. We always practice counting up, but rarely count back, so this was a great book!

Way of Tarot

What a nice book....my great grand kids like it too. Love having it read to them.Very nice big book!!!

The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution: 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds, Boost Metabolism, and Get Healthy

Good book for someone thinking of starting a business. Heavier on planning, positive thinking and creativity than nuts-and-bolts bean counting-type info. Highly recommend it.

Students' Guide to "Choice of Poets": Wordsworth, Blake, Lawrence, Graves, Frost

the story line and characters were great but the editing was a deal breaker for me. still a good book!

The Water Nymph and the Veil

Wonderful book. It's like taking a college course on playwriting, with a great teacher. It's very helpful.

Influence of Gravity on Granular Soil Mechanics

These are great books! I can't wait to get the next one. I just love the characters. Anyone would I know.